Meet with Sokh Tang

Mrs Sokh Tang and her husband Mr Vuthy Leang are both tailors, Sokh has her own business in the Lue Market and Vuthyis an employee at a tailoring shop. Together they earn $310 per month ($6.46 each per day, working six days a week) but they had a dream to have their own home. They were desperate to move out of their single rented room that they shared with their daughter because they were concerned that they may be evicted and this created constant underlying stress. They had no privacy with their rented room and this was very hard for Sokh and Vuthy. So they started saving and eventually bought some land with the hope of building a home. Vuthy and Sokh had never applied for a loan before and madethem nervous but when they heard from a friend that First Finance specialise in lending to first home buyers, they madean appointment. "Getting a loan from First Finance was very smooth and easy for us, we think it is good for other people too!"Sokh and Vuthy took out a five year loan for $4,000 to construct their home on their land in Knar Village, Siem Reap.On the day they moved into their home Sokh and Vuthy said "we wanted to say thanks to First Finance so much for helpingus have our own house.

1.Mr. Noun Nuch, Leng Choeurn, Sreynang

Previous House before reconstruction
Previous House before reconstruction
Nuch’s family in their reconstructed house
Nuch’s family in their reconstructed house

Mr. Noun Noch works as bicycle repairman and his wife, Leng Choeun works as a cleaner at Pour Sourier D’Enfant NGO.  They have 2 children: Nuch Sreynang and Nuch Vichet.  Srey Nang works as Sales Representative at Monument Book and her brother, Nuch Vichet works as kitchen help in a restaurant.  They have combined household income of $410 per month.  They had lived in their previous old wooden house located at Domnak Thom Village, Stung Meanchey Commune, and Meanchey District for more than 10 years.  With USD5,900 Home Improvement Loan granted by First Finance, they have rebuilt a concrete brick house with area of 4m X 9m.  The family is now living happily in their new house.

“we are very thankful to First Finance for the home improvement loan that enabled us to own our first home.  We are happy to be in our own home and we no longer worry of changing school for our kids”

2. Touch Vitou and Touch Mey

Mey and her brother Vitou in her previous house
Current house after the upgrade

Since moving to Phnom Penh from Takeo seven years ago, Mey has worked as a cook for an expatriate family.  Vitou, her older brother, works for a local development agency and part-time as a radio host.  Together, they earn a combined household income of $250 per month.  Through First Finance, Vitou and Mey secured a $5,000 loan to purchase a home in the Pochentong area.  With additional Home Improvement Loan of $3,500 granted by First Finance their existing home was upgraded.

“My friends and relatives are very surprised that I was able to borrow and purchase my own home,” beams Mey.

3.Un Mong and Sin Sokhom

Current house
Un Mong and her family

Un Mong earns his living as a residential security guard for more than 6 years.  His wife, Sin Sokhom works as a cook and cleaner for MCC Cambodia for 14 years.  They have 3 children and have been living in rented house.  Their monthly rental is USD60.  With their combined household income of $380, they have secured $6,000 home loan from First Finance and make a fixed monthly repayment of USD119.
“We are very happy as our dream to own our first home come true.  We now have our own home and a happy family”
“Why should my money go to rent payment for someone else when it can go toward my own home?”